"The behind the scenes processes with Escrow Professional Co. is one of a kind. The true testimony of all great businesses is how they handle the client after the transaction is complete. My previous mortgage holder paid my county taxes shortly after my home was sold. I contacted several people trying to get answers on how to receive my escrow funds back. At every turn there was someone telling me a different answer with zero ownership of the issue. Without an answer I contacted Escrow Professional Co. and was immediately treated like a valued customer. Within a minute of explaining my situation they informed me how the process works, gave me her direct number, and contacted the county office to find answers! They didn’t have to go above and beyond like they did, but I’ll never forget how that made me feel."

Kevin Tiernan

"I have been in the mortgage industry for 19 years, and during that time I have had the opportunity to work with many closing agents. Escrow Professional Company is by far the best. They are professional, they are thorough, they can answer and assist in handling any title or other problem, and they get things done. In our business it's extremely important to make sure you are making deadlines and getting HUD numbers out asap. Escrow Professional Company delivers on that promise consistently through their motivation to provide great service. Occasionally I have the opportunity to work with other closing agents, and invariably things don't go smoothly, there are delays and / or issues. The closing is the last thing our clients experience about their loan process, and it is extremely important that part goes smoothly. I will use Escrow Professional at every opportunity. Their service and proven track record make them a perfect partner!"

Tracy Frette, Lincoln Savings Bank

"You probably don’t remember closing our loan in June but we were the family that hauled in our four children. You stayed late on a Friday so we could close our loan and move into our new home. We appreciate the time you spent with us. We will always remember the joy we felt as we signed the papers while our daughters jumped up and down and clapped their hands with excitement because they were finally moving into their the new home."